Citizens for Courthouse Conservation

The Situation

The formation of the Citizens for Courthouse Conservation aligns with the news headline “Space needs start at $12 million”, reporting the April 24, 2017 Pottawatomie County Commission meeting.

A 20-year Master Facilities Plan recommends more than $12 million in new buildings and renovations to current facilities owned by Pottawatomie County at Westmoreland.

The plan, developed by BG Consultants, combines a 2015 space needs assessment and a 2016 life cycle assessment of county facilities.


Of six different scenarios presented in the plan, BG recommended Scenario 6, which would include demolition of the old county courthouse and replace it with a new consolidated office building to accommodate departments now located in three different facilities.

Total estimated cost of Scenario 6 is about $12.3 million in today’s dollars and is the least expensive of the six scenarios presented, according to the presentation.

The plan also proposes building out the lower level of the justice center; connecting the new office building to the justice center; vacating the current county office and health department facilities; building a new shop and storage buildings for the Road and Bridge Department; and renovating the Public Works and Weed Department offices.


Scenario 6 proposes a time line beginning in 2017-18 and having all new construction and renovation completed by 2037.


(From the Building Life Cycle Analysis & Inspection Report / Pottawatomie County, BG Consultants, 3.8.2017)

It is the recommendation of the Consultant that the most cost-effective option over a 20-year period be selected for space and physical needs improvements.

The following is recommended:

1.  Raze the existing Courthouse and Historic Jail buildings and create a new Consolidated County Office facility.


2.   Relocate County services from the County Offices and Health Department to the new Consolidated County Office facility connected to the Justice Center.


3.  Raze the existing County Office building and construct a parking lot to serve as overflow parking for the Consolidated County Office and Justice Center complex.


4.   Sell the Health Department facility.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote solutions for conservation and restoration of the Historic Pottawatomie County Courthouse, in cooperation and communication with citizens and local leaders, and to educate citizens of the historical, aesthetic, and economic value this structure contributes to our community, our county and region.

  • The Courthouse is a unique challenge, and a unique opportunity.
  • (Building) Lifespans are determined by maintenance, regardless of old or new.
  • Historical value is community driven.

Our Vision

A community that understands and is united through its history. The Historic Pottawatomie County Courthouse will inspire pride among citizens with its history and unite them through their shared story and values.

Our Values

The CCC is guided by the same values that inspired the citizens of Pottawatomie County to take action and construct the courthouse in 1884. Service to the community through hard work, a daring spirit and a commitment to lifting the voice of the people.