Letter to the Editor: No one cares if historic courthouse is doomed

Jim Bradley | The Manhattan Mercury

I just returned from a roundtable meeting held to discuss the fate of the existing native limestone Pottawatomie County courthouse. This building is the second-oldest courthouse in Kansas, built in 1884. At issue is the study, commissioned by the county commissioners, that includes an option for demolition of this historic building. This building must be preserved and made fit as a fully functional county building to house county offices! I am concerned that the citizens of Pottawatomie County are not informed of the possibility of the destruction of part of our history. Oh, some may have seen something about it in The Mercury, but they certainly haven’t shown up and shown their interest at the meetings held to inform the citizens. The commissioners have spent time meeting with a small group of citizens, but where are the rest of the concerned citizens? Where are the Westmoreland civicminded people? The meetings should be standing-room only, but only a handful seem to even care! I would think that more citizens would come to these meetings and show their economic concern for preservation of this historic building. Jim Bradley 13840 Highway 99, Westmoreland