Letter to the Editor

JoAnn Mayer | Westy Offical Weekly

A gem exists in Pottawatomie County: the courthouse built in 1884. An amazing structure, stately and sturdy, it can continue serving future growth with skillful updating. At issue is a stated need for more office space and storage; B and G’s study suggests it is cheaper to raze, rebuild rather than restore. I believe more information is warranted; having a line item cost via B & G, having a restorative architectural firm submit additional possibilities and considering ideas submitted via local resident’s merit time and consideration. Additionally, new technology allows storing hundreds of records on a single thumbprint; computers help consolidate offices. Blue Township may not be governed by Pottawatomie County if it is annexed or incorporated. All these factors impact decisions and could lessen overall costs. Three commissioners should respect the history, values, and heritage of 1884. Further reviews and public input are crucial. A possibility of repurposing the courthouse exists; creative marketing could open economic growth for the area. Preservation of this gift is the key for such ventures. Pottawatomie County courthouse is a treasure; it represents a unique time historically as our ancestors, skilled artisans, built a quality structure for posterity. Talented architects are able to renovate today with their knowledge of materials and technology available. A crucial decision awaits; this part of our county’s history cannot be replicated by our forefathers. It should not be destroyed. Concerned Resident JoAnn Mayer, St. George, Kansas