Something of Value

Roux Felix | Letter to the Editor, Westy Official Weekly

Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine something you hold dear, something that would be the first thing—a diary, a photograph, the family bible—you’d grab if there were a fire; something that marked the passing of a loved one—a parent’s gravestone or a veteran’s memorial; a favorite and venerable old tree where you may have courted or were first mindful of the earth. Now imagine that a small but powerful group whom you have entrusted with protecting what is yours decided that you did not need this thing or place anymore and they took your property or invaded your special place and shredded, cut down, or demolished that thing you treasured. This has happened before, and still looms large in the collective memory: the public’s revered bandstand, dismantled and ostensibly stored, but never rebuilt as promised by those in power. Indifferent to public sentiment and rights of ownership, the ‘gang’ had ‘more important’ things in mind. Today, our county courthouse is similarly threatened with this dismissive attitude in the name of ‘progress’, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. All of these can be addressed by a thoughtful vision and careful implementation of practices to create a viable and effectively functioning building. It’s being accomplished in the old school house which harbors many of the county’s staff who handle everyday activities and can happen in an even more valued building, the courthouse. The courthouse is a treasure WE ALL HOLD IN COMMON and stands as a symbol of our history, the hard work of our ancestors, and many distinct and personal memories: a pleasing structure that is a recognizable landmark of our county’s and region’s pride. Its potential as a viable and economically beneficial asset is there: those in power simply have to recognize and embrace it, to bring it into the future to stand proud and give honor to the past and to those who will protect it today. If you care about what we hold in common, no matter what your county address is, call your commissioner today. A website with more information about the courthouse and a way to donate is: https://www.historicpottawatomiecountycourthouse. org Yard signs are available at Rock House Antiques in Westmoreland. Roux Felix